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Anxiety – Our Mind is Greater than our Thoughts

Anxiety – Our Mind is Greater than our Thoughts

With the imminent threat of Hurricane Irma hitting the Florida coast, it leads me to really think about anxiety.  Anxiety – and its impact on our mind and body.  The ability of anxiety to increase our heart rate, make our mind race – and all at the same time being paralyzed in quicksand, not moving very far at all. Fear based Anxiety. 

Then there is the Joyful Anxiety of kids awaiting Christmas morning.  Or the joyful heart and anticipation of a soldier returning home.  Hopeful hearts, anxiously awaiting!

So anxiety can be coupled with Joy – or Fear.  I had never really thought of it in such simple terms. 

I will tell you what happened to me yesterday – Fear Anxiety – but how I had to choose to turn it into Joy Anxiety.  My son called from college, and at that point, Irma looked like it was headed for his college town – Columbia, SC – and would arrive at a Category 3.

My mind got started . . .  and I recalled the floods of last year in Columbia, and how the Mayor did an awesome job communicating and working on recovery.  And the University was very attentive to the students needs – and actually to the needs of the community.  Although William had evacuated and was visiting friends at another school – we watched the news and were very impressed with how the community responded. (mind going to the news stories of last year, the water levels, the rescue efforts – are you following the rise of fear in me?)

Back to yesterday.  (see how the thoughts scramble when Fear Anxiety are present!!!!)

So I reached out to William, and said – I think we can take about 10 kids.  Between beds, mattresses and couches, we can make it work. 

Next thing I know, in my head I am meal planning, getting a mental note of the grocery bill – and determining we might need a loan to finance this (just kidding).  I am thinking who I can reach out to for more mattresses if needed, where can I go if these kids are here for a week or more, I can bake cookies, and a cake, get snacks, lots of eggs and bacon . . .  ok heart is racing, mind is spinning – and I am not accomplishing anything.  I am back to another map – another forecast – another  . . . have you joined me in the Spin Cycle yet??

Wait –

I actually had to STOP myself. 

I had to intentionally change my thinking. 

I decided that it would be an honor to serve people in need.  It would be great to have Will home and meet his friends.  I began to transition to a Joyful Anxiety.  And guess what?  My heart actually started to slow down.  I stayed with that thought a bit more – and even more clarity of thought began to occur.  And if you know me at all – I grabbed my Peace and Calming essential oil!  I could capture my thoughts,  find a more peaceful place within, and proceed from that calmer more rational place.  And get back in motion with what was really before me.

My Mind became greater than my racing Thoughts!

I had to intentionally step away from the TV, and NO more searching on the computer while I was working.  The news was only feeding my Fear Anxiety. 

After several hours of constructive work – I popped on hurricanes.Gov around 5pm and the storm forecast had changed direction.  No longer was Columbia in the path of the eye.

Thank goodness I had not run off to the bank for a loan to feed the masses for 7+ days!!!  Boy oh boy how our thoughts can escape reality!

I have worked hard for several years on this process of capturing my thoughts – and it begins with awareness!!!  Pay attention to what your body is telling you, then go to the thoughts – then re-write the story from a more soothing perspective.  Change the thought, and you change the emotion.  You begin to activate a different part of the brain!!!!  It’s a journey and a process that I have not mastered, but I will continue to work on it.

The brain is truly amazing.  I am not going to get into the science of smell – the limbic system and the connection of memory/emotions, but I want to share a few ideas on essential oils that I use at times like this.

What Oils would I suggest?

If you are working with oils from Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit – grab the Stress Away.  Do the “scent tent” by placing a drop of oil in your left hand, rubbing your palms together and cupping your nose.  Take several breathes, and allow the air to fill your lungs.  Rub your hands along the back of your neck, along your forearms and even over your heart. 

If Stress Away alone is not working yet, add a layer of Lavender – doing the same “scent tent” and applying topically.

Diffuse the situation – 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Stress Away and 2 drops Copaiba

to help with sleep, or reduce stress and anxiety, 2 drops each of stress away, lavender and copaiba
great for a diffuser or to apply topically – helps with anxiety and sleep – 2 drops copaiba, 2 drops lavender, 2 drops stress away

My personal go-to is Peace and Calming – this works for me in just a few minutes.  Sometimes, just inhaling from the bottle can settle my thoughts.  Other times, I need the scent tent and apply topically.  And again, you can always Diffuse the situation by placing 4 drop of P&C in the diffuser – that way anyone (or thing) that is breathing will get the benefit.  I even put P&C on my dog for thunderstorms and the 4th of July.

If you are not currently a member with Young Living, but would like to join – please email me, PM or jump right in and click here

Here is the 4 minute video from Mel Robbins: this mind trick will change your life

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Have a super blessed day – stay connected to the vine!

Your thoughts truly matter. Please let me know what you are thinking!!