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Diffuser Recipes with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit

Diffuser Recipes with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit

This is a small collection of diffuser recipes for the oils in Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  Don’t worry, the benefits of a single oil will not be lost when you add the benefit of another oil.  Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils will do more than just provide a great smelling room – you will also get the emotional benefits.  And when emotions are happy and nerves are calm, stress levels drop, and we can get back above the wellness line!  (I am a bit of a nerd, and love learning about the Science of Smell and understanding the brain).

Not all oils are created equal – but please know in full confidence that Young Living is fully committed to providing only the highest quality products.  The Seed to Seal guarantee and YL’s rigorous quality controls mean only the best for its members.

It all begins with your self awareness – Where are you internally?  Where do you need to be to be your best?  Which oils can help you get there?  Living with intention toward wellness – one drop at a time!  If you need the calming qualities of Stress Away, but you also need the focus qualities of Peppermint – then add a few drops of each (I call this one Peppermint Patty, and it is great for homework – and working at home).

For a great night of sleep, be sure to set you diffuser on an intermittent setting if possible – then you double your diffusing time.

Not sure if you recall, but Copaiba is like an enhancer or booster – it helps the properties of the oils penetrate a bit further when applied topically.  So, you can bet, it the diffuser it amplifies the benefits as well!

add the boosting benefit of copaiba to a favorite blend of stress away and lavender


This is a very enjoyable, relaxing, de-stressing blend.

a great blend for chilling and relaxing at the end of busy day stress away and lavender


Sometimes less is more – but if Lavender alone is not enough, add a few drops of Copaiba.

be calm and carry on with copaiba and lavender



Frankincense is a very grounding oil.  It provides calming, clarity and relaxation.  If it was good enough for baby Jesus . . . it is good enough for me.  I enjoy Frankincense to inhale before meditation or prayer – but is great to diffuse when reading, writing, or reflecting.

get grounded by adding a few drops of copaiba to frankincense


By adding a few drops of Lemon, it will help with lifting mental fatigue and keep you crisp and alert.

Frankincense and Lemon for clarity in your time of reflection


Lemon also has stress reducing properties, so adding it to Stress Away can give you the added oomph to take the edge away.

when you want to be at the beach but have things to do where you are


Relaxing yet alert!  This is great for homework or studying.  When you need to take the edge off, yet focus – this is your blend.  I personally think it smells like a Peppermint Patty  – and I love a Peppermint Patty!

Peppermint and Stress Away essential oil blend


When you need something crisp and refreshing, consider trying Peppermint and Lemon.  You should be awake and ready Git ‘R Done!

Peppermint and Lemon to Git ‘R Done


A great blend for respiratory support  . . . Exhale.  Peppermint provides great support for the respiratory system.  Combine that with the qualities of Thieves, and you have a winner!

excellent respiratory support with Exhale


If you have had an “ick” in the house and it is time to reclaim the healthy space, you might consider the benefits of Purification combined with Thieves.

Get the “ick” out of the house with Crisp and Clean



In need of some super immune support – add a little Lemon to the Thieves.

Young Living Thieves and Lemon


Spring tends to be challenging season for outdoor activities, but the fall can wreak havoc on some as well.

If you come across some favorite blends from the Premium Starter Kit, please share them with me – I would love to hear what is working in your home!


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