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A few concussions to many have left my daughter with a traumatic brain injury.

In the past 4 years – and most critically in the since April of 2016 – I have had a lot of on the job training about the brain, and overall wellness and self care.

I do not believe there is enough information shared about the results of this condition, and things that we can do daily to love our brain.


I think this is the first video I did on TBI – and wow . . . looking back on this time – so many more ups and downs, trials and tribulations.  We adjusted to our new reality, which was not easy.  Embracing limitations and accepting the new normal are not easy for anyone – let alone a teenager.  Nora made it back to school in the fall of 2017 as Senior Class President, and was on a modified schedule.  We had to drop classes, and even drop the advanced degree.  She did not have the endurance to take 7 classes.  Although Nora made great progress, she still needed rest.  So we dropped the 4th year of language, 4th year of math and 4th year of science.  Cognitively, Nora was very bright – but she ran out of energy and needed rest.

Then life was changed again.  A car accident on December 30, 2016 – only 8 months after the last brain injury – air bags deployed.  A major set back.  Nora was not able to do 15 minutes of school work without dizziness and nausea setting in.  Post Concussion Syndrome symptoms kept us in survival mode.  Just getting thru each day.  Managing this condition was exhausting – headaches that would last days.  This began a new (and intense) journey toward finding healing.  Lots of searching, reading, researching.  And lots of questions.  Why do high level athletes have access to a level of care that I know my child is worthy of?  How can an athlete get treatment, and get back in the game?  What are they doing?  Where is it offered?  Why don’t I have access? On and on.

Y’all know – you go to the ends of the earth when your child is hurting.  Hurt me – but don’t hurt my child!  Momma Bear was set in motion.

Any way – this right here – this video must be something the Holy Spirit has moved thru, because as I was preparing to post it on the website – I learned it has over 3,900 views on FaceBook!  Strangers still PM me and ask me questions – and I did this video in February 2017!  If any part of my journey can help another person, then I am blessed and humbly honored to share.





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