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I am blessed to be an Independent Consultant for Young Living Essential Oils!  (consultant # 3116047 –

Young Living Premium Starter Kit with Vitality OilsI was using YL oils for about 8 months, and giving roller bottles away to people.  A friend that I was sharing Thieves Losenges with said – “You need to stop giving this stuff away and get paid!  You are believing and sharing, you might as well build a team.”

The thought had not crossed my mind.  But I am so thankful for my friend’s advice!

I contacted someone from my home town that I knew was successful with Young Living, and asked her to help me.  As it turns out, I was in her down line – way down – but what a blessing!

She connected me with a team builder – and the SimplyWhole blessings began flowing (more than I could ever have imagined).  This team is professional, authentic, reliable and accessible – and not one bit pushy.

This team prides itself on God’s role, worthiness and readiness.

Although I love the oils, the cleaning products, the skin care, chemical free make-up – the greatest gift has been the opportunity for personal development.  This is a benefit that does not come with a purchase nor a sale.  It comes with being a part of a community.  When I am growing as a person – and have the opportunity to encourage the potential in others – woot woot – win win!  We make our world a better place to be.  If you want to change the world – start by changing you!

Young Living provides an opportunity to be a customer – and integrate their products, and intentional wellness into your home.  If you are interested in buying products, I would be happy to have you on my team.  I will share videos with you on how to use the oils in the garden, in the kitchen, with your pets, DIY ideas to use or to gift and more.

And if you are interested in personal development, and you want to be a business builder – I would love to be a part of your dream!


Feel free to email me directly if I can help you –